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FIT Adventure Sports Travels

Your specialist in adventurous sports travels

FIT Adventure Sports Travels organises adventurous sports travels to Asia, Africa and in Europe. We specialise in developing and offering these travels to recreative and well trained sports people, both individually and as (members of) sports clubs or organisations. Our travels contain a mixture of sports, adventure, culture and nature.

FIT Adventure Sports Travels is a business initiative of Stefan Rasing. He has over 30 years experience in offering travels to companies, organisations, groups and individuals.

Stefan voorstellen

Stefan is a former top sportsman and a professional trainer/coach in business and corporate change programs. Everything he undertakes is focussed on fitness and health: a healthy mind in a healthy body. That’s because he loves mental and fysical challenges. In doing so, he inspires people to maintain their bodies and minds in a stimulating way. Hence, his sports adventurous travels are unique and challenge people at every level of fysical effort. He loves nature, people and surprises. The travelsare organised in splendid and untouched areas in the world and offer participant sample opportunities to meet people in other cultural environments. FIT adventure sports travels, therefore, touch you, stay with you, become truely meaningful and stimulate you to ‘move and meet’.

You move through magnificent landscape scenery, you will meet ancient cultures and remarkably friendly people. For example, in Mongolia you live together with the nomads and will sleep in Gers: two ‘cultures’ meet and sports is the binding factor, while language forms no boundary whatsoever!

We combine our sports travels with local cultural festivals, resulting in ‘community based tourism’ in which also local people profit, allowing them to yield additional income to safeguard and maintain their centuries old cultural heritage.


Visit one of the FIT Adventure Sports Travels  informative promotion days. Our personnel and sports coaches will offer you extensive information and answer all your questions. Movie presentations will give you adequate impressions of travels destinations and what you can expect from FIT Adventure Sports Travels.

Of course, attending these promotion days is completely optional!

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Mountainbike Kop


We offer challenging mountainbike tours in Asia, Africa and in Europe: biking through mountainous areas, on China’s Yellow River, the Hung Pu or aon the Chinese Wall, on the slopes of the Belgian Ardennes or through magnificent South African wildlife reserves or landscape scenery. Challenging trips along the dwellings of Kazachian people in one of the most beautiful natural reserves in Mongolia, the eye catching green scenery of Vietnam or through the untouched natural environment of Kyrgyzstan.



Triathlon Kop


FIT Adventure Sports Travels offers the Cross Triathlon Challenge, with mountains, lakes and natural forests along the spectacular and rough routes in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Swimming in Lake Barocko in the vicinity of Jezero, biking on moderate and somewhat steeper slopes of its regional hills and running over unpaved roads and paths along lakes and mountain passes. Hence, a triathlon living up to offical European standards.
Dare to meet this challenge?



Schaatsen Kop


Belarus Beginning Spring 2020 (February) FIT Avontuurlijke Sportreizen will ‘invite’ Dutch skaters to participate to its new skating adventures in Belarus. Following a (only!) short 2, 5 hour flight they will enjoy the sportive and cultural activities, as well as the tremendous friendlyness of the Belarus people. In short: an absolute recommendation to Dutch “adventurous” skaters, who will shortly hear and read more about this beautiful offer on the website
China, the country where people thought it being impossible to organise, let alone enjoy ice-skating events. FIT Adventure Sports Travels has organised for the third time in a row a major ice-skating event on the Yellow River, a 500 m wide river, surrounded by magnificent mountain ridges and containing remnants of the Chinese Wall.
Russia 3 ice skating marathons on Lake Baikal in Southern Siberia. For the first time in 2017, and again in 2020!



Racefietsen Kop


Discover the untouched natural beauty of the Greek island of Rhodos. Splendid beaches and the island’s landscape scenery surrounds you on your biking tours over cycling paths, allowing for ‘usual’ bikes, as well as mountainbikes and racing bikes. Rhodos is also specifically suited for more aged tourist and/or well trained sports people.

South Africa offers you ample opportunities to undertake fantastic bike (training) tours in the spring, enjoying pleasant climatic conditions, beautiful landscapes and attractive wild life in natural reserves. There is also the option to take part in the Cape Town Cycle Tour, one of the world’s biggest cycling events.


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Target groups:
Clubs, schools, companies, organisations, foundations and private individuals

These programs aim at leisure activities for groups of colleagues, business departments and corporate teams or sports teams, that usually do sports together during training and matches, only now excercising different types of sports.

Surprise, motivate, inspire and challenge yourselves and each other with programs containing mountainbiking, traithlons, swimming, running, judo, martial arts, basketball, boxing and soccer.

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FIT Adventure Sports Travels delivers lectures in which the ‘similarities’ between adventurous sports travels, top sports and corporate business life are touched, demonstrated and explained. Full of passion, enthusiasm and catching experiences, various themes are addressed: enterpreneuring, dreaming, daring to let go (of), the effect of unknown destination on ones mood, stress, fear, controlling vs. managing and taking the day as it comes.

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