About Fit

FIT Adventure Sports Travels organises adventurous sports travels to Asia, Africa and in Europe. We specialise in developing and offering these travels to recreative and well trained sports people, both individually and as (members of) sports clubs or organisations. Our travels contain a mixture of sports, adventure, culture and nature.

FIT Adventure Sports Travels is a business initiative of Stefan Rasing. He has over 30 years experience in offering travels to companies, organisations, groups and inviduals. He is a former top sportsman and a professional trainer/coach in business and corporate change programs. Everything he undertakes is focussed on fitness and health: a healthy mind in a healthy body. That’s because he loves mental and fysical challenges. In doing so, he inspires people to maintain their bodies and minds in a stimulating way. Hence, his sports adventurous travels are unique and challenge people at every level of fysical effort. He loves nature, people and surprises. The travels are organised in splendid and untouched areas in the world and offer participant sample opportunities to meet people in other cultural environments. FIT adventure sports travels, therefore, touch you, stay with you, become truely meaningful and stimulate you to ‘move and meet’.

You move through magnificent landscape scenery, you will meet ancient cultures and remarkably friendly people. We combine our sports travels with local cultural festivals, resulting in ‘community based tourism’ in which also local people profit, allowing them to yield additional income to safeguard and maintain their centuries old cultural heritage. For example, in Mongolia you live together with the nomads and will sleep in Gers: two ‘cultures’ meet and sports is the binding factor, while language forms no boundary whatsoever!