FIT Adventure Sports Travels delivers lectures in which the ‘similarities’ between adventurous sports travels, top sports and corporate business life are touched, demonstrated and explained. Full of passion, enthusiasm and catching experiences, various themes are addressed: enterpreneuring, dreaming, daring to let go (of), the effect of unknown destination on ones mood, stress, fear, controlling vs. managing and taking the day as it comes.

Lectures can also deal with special trips or travels, sports adventures and what moves and inspires us to organise and participate in these ‘non-standard’ events.
Sports clinics and lectures can very well be combined in the context of a planned program.

Topics for inspiring lectures might be:

• Dealing with setbacks
• Perseverance
• ‘Presence’
• Indicating and discovering boundaries in personal/professional life
• Self-realisation
• Coping with situational pressure and tension
• The secret and strength of synergy (1 + 1 = 3)
• Building and maintaining successful TEAMS
• Security and trust
• Dealing with your own ‘rebels’
• Top sports and corporate management: similarities in cooperation, mentality and the effect of performance