These programs aim at leisure activities for groups of colleagues, business departments and corporate teams or sports teams, that usually do sports together during training and matches, only now excercising different types of sports.

Surprise, motivate, inspire and challenge yourselves and each other with programs containing mountainbiking, traithlons, swimming, running, judo, martial arts, basketball, boxing and soccer.
Our presentations and sports clinics will proove to have a positive effect on the professional business atmosphere, as well as personally in every day life. We offer you a series of pleasant and fulfilling activities on a top sports level, in which reaching the objective of combining sportive activities with the pleasure of social bonding.

Our sports clincis serve a multitude of purposes:

  • TEAM leisure program
  • TEAM building
  • Relationship marketing, networking
  • Educational purposes
  • Personal Development
  • Anniversaries/Jubilees and other festive activities

The following topics can be addressed during these sports clinics:

  • Indicating and discovering boundaries in ones personal as well as professional life
  • Ones own power in self realisation
  • How do I react to others and other people to me?
  • What’s happening to and with me in situations of pressure and tension?
  • The discovery of synergy (1 + 1 = 3): reach more and better results TOGETHER
  • Learn to challenge, structure, cooperate, introducing and discussing plans, etc.
  • Dealing with setbacks
  • Perseverance
  • Presentation skills
  • Security and trust

FIT Adventure Sports Travels also offers repititiv sports clinics, for example weekly or monthly clinics for companies or corporate departments and teams and/or in preparation of a trip, event, tournament or match.

Sports Clinics for  “Fun & Learning” aim at learning techniques and/or training mental aspects.
Our mountainbike clinics for well trained sportsmen contains excercises like riding in shifting sand, high speed curb techniques, passing by obstacles, climbing and down hill techniques and bike positions while cycling.
Finally, when participants have ‘special wishes’, our training coaches will gladly meet these!

Relationship Marketing Sports Clinics offer you an unique opportunity to see your ‘partners in business’ getting inspired by professional (former) top sportsmen who know what is needed and are used to compete and perform at the highest sports levels. With our experience, knowledge and passion we develop ‘high-end’ sports events for your ‘partnerts in business’.