The Ardennes Mountain Bike Challenge

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A Belgian adventure in nature

It only takes some hours driving to the Ardennes in Belgium, attractive to people seeking Belgian adventure closeby. Many people find a relaxing atmoshere here, as well as enjoy sportive activities in beautiful natural surroundings. Mountain biking lets you enter a completely different ‘world’:  deciduous and coniferous forests, fast running rivers and streams, small ravines, caves, rapids, sloping hills and swampy marshlands. As a bikers and hikers ‘paradise’, the Ardennes region harbour wild animals such as deer, wild boars, various species of birds of prey and even lynxes.

FIT Adventure Sports Travels organises mountain bike tours to and through the authentically picturesque village of Durbuy. Two days of biking through beautiful natural scenery makes you think back of the historical past of the landscape. Long climbs and challenging tracks through the woodland, its pastures and fast running streams, make you enjoy and appreciate the natural conditions of this region.
Upon request and at a sufficient interest we also offer other outdoor activities such as canuing, kayaking and skiing.


Mountain Bike Clinics: from Basic, via Advanced to Extreme Sports
You can choose from various levels in mountain biking:

Basic Technique, including advices and instructions on equipment, materials and clothing.
Advanced and High Level Technique, specifically suited aimed at preparing for weekend sports activities or Special Sports Events, e.g. an ice-skating tour in Asia.

Ardennes Mountain Bike Challenge

Dates: In principle, every weekend in 2021!

This trip takes place every year.

Prices **:
High-Season: € 395,= per person
Low-Season:  € 290,= per person

Minimum number of participants per group: 6. Private group arrangements are allowed to register.
Arrangements for larger groups are optional.
Obviously, individual registration is possible!

**Also see Travel and Prices Info

Stefan Rasing
(Managing Director FIT Adventure Sports Travels)
T: 00 31 6 42547010


Making a reservation is no booking (yet)!



At 20.00 h the wellcoming session at the lodgings site begins and is aimed at to get to know each other. The members of the supporting and coaching team introduce themselves and will show you the lodgings. Next you receive ample information on the weekend program and the various tracks and routes. We converse into a quiet and cosy ‘get-together’ around the bar or the campfire.

DAY 2 (B-D)
Following today’s 07.00 h breakfast the mountain bike tours start. You can choose from various routes differing in lenghts and required technical skills. We expect every participant to arrive back at the lodgings site by 18.00 h; from 19.00 h on a barbecue finishes today’s program.
Optionally, a mountain bike clinic can be scheduled (not included in the price).

DAY 3 (B)

Followingtoday’s 07.00 h breakfast, there is again a choice from the various mountain bike tours. We expect every participant to arrive back at the lodgings site by 13.00 h, in order to refresh, after which we finish the weekend and travel back to The Netherlands.

Prices :
High-Season: € 395,= per person
Low-Season:  € 290,= per person

Included in the package:
All meals indicated in the DAY TO DAY PROGRAM
B = Breakfast
L = Lunch
D = Dinner

Not included:
Travels to and from the Ardennes
All personal expenses
Travel- and Health Insurances
Cancellation Insurance
Mountain Bike Clinics

Target group:
Recreative and well trained sports minded people

Our vision and mission
FIT Adventure Sports Travels offers you the opportunity to turn your endurance sport into an adventure. We organise sports travels in areas of natural beauty, almost untouched by (mass) tourism and in doing so, offer you the unknown and unexpected. You will experience basic outdoor living in foreign countries, combined with local standards of modern life circumstances. We closely work together with local people and create employment.  Thus avoiding, that people leave the country side for a life in the city and doing so, preventing that old traditions and cultures get lost.

Reviews and evaluations of former participants in our sports travels include reactions such as:
‘Sheer amazement because of the natural surroundings and the constant variety in traveling experience, from traditional to modern’
‘Wonderful surprises regarding the acquaintance with the every day authentic life of the local people’
‘You start out as an indivual, but you will finally end up as a group’
‘I enjoyed very much the constant focus on individual performance levels’
‘No extreme sports is forced upon you, but you gradually learn to reach your own maximum level of performance’